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Love a Librarian

July 27, 2023

Debra Ross

One of my family's favorite books is a compilation of Calvin & Hobbes cartoons entitled There's Treasure Everywhere. In the comic strip from which it gets its title, we see Calvin chin-deep in a hole he has dug in his backyard. His stuffed tiger, Hobbes, asks what he's doing, and Calvin answers that he's looking for buried treasure. When Hobbes asks what he has found, Calvin answers, "A few dirty socks, a weird root, and some disgusting grubs." "On your first try?" Hobbes asks, delighted. "There's treasure everywhere!" Calvin answers.

What's treasure to Calvin might be trash to others, but there's one place where there really IS treasure everywhere: your local library, especially the children's section. If you're looking for free summer adventures, that's where you need to go: Reach up to any shelf, pull off a book, open it with a child on your lap... and you're suddenly in a magical place.

Equally important as the treasures on the shelves is the treasure behind the desk: Librarians have the map, the shortcut to get kids quickly to the adventures waiting around the corner. So when you visit your library this summer, make sure not to skip a chat with the librarian... they live to connect your kids with books that are fun to read now and will shine brightly on their futures.

If you've ever wondered how to thank the librarians who have made a special impact on your family—beyond, of course, saying thank you—I'm pleased to say there IS: The American Library Association's I Love My Librarian award! The nomination form is super-easy: It does require the librarian's email address, so you might need to call the library if it's not on their website. Have a chat with your kids about what they love about their librarian—the more specifics you provide, the better. Write it up in a few short paragraphs, complete the form, and hit Submit. Even if your nominee doesn't win one of the ten $5000 prizes, they'll be notified about the nomination, which is a prize in itself.

Debra Ross, publisherHow often do you get to do something that's a guaranteed win? Almost never, right? This is your chance: Five minutes of thinking will create a glow for someone that lasts a lifetime. Nominations are open through September 30.