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Worthwich Wand Making & Wizards Painting Party

Worthwich School of Wizardry has partnered up with Pinot's Palette to bring you 2 magical days of wizarding art workshops this January!
Immerse yourself in a world of magic with our real wood wand making class on Jan 26th and a wizards painting party Jan 27th! Get your tickets EARLY this event will sell out. Both workshops are BYOB!

FLORIDA WITCHES & WIZARDS - Worthwich Wand Making is coming to your city for ONE DAY ONLY! We are based out of Austin TX and this is the FIRST TIME we have ever hosted our signature wand making workshop in Florida! 

--- Class Dates & Times —
Worthwich Wand Making - Saturday, January 26th, 11am-1pm
Wizards Painting Party - Sunday, January 27th, 1-4pm

***Please pay attention to the class dates & times. Wand making and painting party sessions occur on 2 separate days. Refunds will NOT be offered for attendees who show up at the wrong time or miss their class. 

- - About Wizards Painting Party - -
Let the professional artists at Pinot's Palette guide you through every step of the process to create this starry night wizard's castle! The details in this painting are absolutely CHARM-ing and you'll treasure the magic it brings, always. So join us in the studio this January for a spellbinding art session surrounded by fellow fans. No prior painting experience necessary, beginners welcome. BYOB.

AGE - Wizards aged 8+ are welcome at this session. 

- - About Wand Making Workshop - -

Learn about the history of wandlore, the magical properties of wand woods and cores, and the importance of combining 4 elements - wood, core, length, and design to create your ideal wand.

After a brief lecture you'll choose up to 2 different kinds of wood to make your wand (from 10+ varieties we provide). Next you'll sand and file your wand to create a completely unique design (no hot glue and chopsticks here).

Finally, you'll select a core for your wand. Your core is placed inside your wand's handle in a specially drilled hole. At the end of the workshop we bring all the witches & wizards together for a very special wand dedication ceremony.

No one else in the wizard's world will have a wand exactly like yours! At Worthwich - the wizard or witch CHOOSES the wand.

In this workshop you will learn...
The history & art of wandlore.
Types of wands used by famous witches & wizards.
The magical properties of woods used for wand making.
The magical uses of wand cores.
The significance of wand lengths.
How to choose the type of wood and core that best matches your magical desires.
How to make a wand from raw materials.
How to carve your wand with unique designs and symbols.
Beginner level woodworking skills.
How to dedicate your wand and prepare it for magical work.

Every attendee will leave the class with their own personalized wand ready for magical workings and spell casting.

BRINGING A CORE - If you so wish you may bring with you a core for your wand. Your core is an item of great magical significance to you, it is the source of your power. It is the magic within your wand and yourself. Choose it well. The core must be a small and narrow item as it will need to fit inside your wand. Wand sizes vary and limits on core width vary with them. To ensure your core will fit in any wand wood available it should be flexible like hair, feathers, paper notes, herbs, or liquids.

IS IT FOR KIDS? Actually, no. Our wand making classes were created and designed with ADULT witches & wizards in mind. You'll work with sand paper and files to create a unique design. The physical labor required can make it hard on little hands. Kids are welcome to attend but they will need an adult to accompany them and help them out during the class. Our classes tend to be mostly adults so don't be afraid to attend as an older witch or wizard!

--- More Important Info--- 
No prior wand making or tool working experience required. All materials & tools provided for you. Witches & wizards under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult (18+), who must stay for the class to assist them as needed. Younger witches & wizards often struggle with the sanding and filing portion.

Each attendee that wishes to make a wand needs to purchase a ticket for the class. Adults accompanying children do not need to purchase a ticket unless they too want to make a wand. 

Tickets are non-refundable but may be sold/transferred to another person for the same class date. Tickets are not transferable to another wand making class.



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Saturday, January 26th, 11am-1pm Sunday, January 27th, 1-4pm